Fabric Eight is the next
big brand you want
to wear.

We started in 2016 and haven’t stopped aiming for thetop since. We are a growing fashion brand committedto always bringing something classy and elegant.Each piece in our collection is sewn with attentionto details on every stitch, making sure that we helpour customers express their style by bringing you thelatest looks for less.

At Fabric Eight, we recognize everyone. We don’t just design clothes, we design comfort and personality.

Akinjiola Akinyemi

The Big Moments

For us, every moment since our birth has been tailored towards delivering an amazing product.
We love that you have been able to share some of those moments with us too.

From our social media platforms or via our website,
we can guarantee you the dress you need at the weekend, and the LOL moments you need when you’re down.


Fabric Eight was born


Our credibility increased and we
gained 10xce more loyal customer


We took our game up a notch andstarted being eco-friendly.


We started our expansion plan

We want to touch your fashion with a seamless experience

With over 12 years’ heritage in luxury fashion, we deliver to
over 15 African countries and offer 24/7 fashion and style advice and tips through GetDressed,
our dedicated fashion-concierge blog

Choose how you want to experience us – online, in our
Nigerian store, at No.123, Obafemi Awolowo way,
or at one of our national events and trade fairs.

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